Parting Tails understands...
pets are family &
when they leave, it can feel unbearable.

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“One of my co-workers lost her little dog. We bought her a Parting Tails® gift box to help her honor the dog and process her grief. She cried when we gave it to her. She thought it was a wonderful gift.”
– Bev Wollum


79 million U.S. households surveyed

said they could benefit from emotional support after pet loss*


*Source: 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey

Losing a pet. Healing a heart.

Losing a pet is difficult. Parting Tails® is a line of cards & gifts to give to yourself or family and friends who have recently lost a pet. It’s a way to honor your beloved pet, process your loss, and heal your heart.

Parting Tails® Box

Box Includes:

    This handbook is designed to help you process the loss and move from a place of broken-heartedness to one of wholeness


    Plant the seed to remind you of your much-loved pet. According to several legends, this flower is a symbol of everlasting friendship, remembrance, and eternal love.


    Send your love upward to your pet.

    Other products are available. Made in the U.S.A.

Our Products

We have created specialized boxes that contain items for healing and support, as well as, other gifts. From grief cards to memorial seed packets, each product is well-conceived and thought out.

We will be adding new products on an on-going basis to continue to extend our line of products to help as many pet owners and their families as possible.

Pet Loss

It's a very hard time when a pet dies. How do you explain it to your children? What happens when the other pet begins to show signs of depression? What do you say to the co-worker who just lost her beloved pet?


Read articles full of helpful hints and practical ideas to help you process your grief or to help someone else process theirs.

Who We Are

Parting Tails is made up of a group of creative minds who understand loss and share a passion for pets.   


They design one-of-a-kind cards and gifts that allow you to show your support in a difficult time.

"My Parting Tails gift box was a site for sore eyes, literally. Nothing could take away the pain I felt from losing my best friend, my dog Lyla, but this gift box was quite helpful, I have to admit. It allowed me to continue to focus on my grief,  but in what turned out to be a very positive way for me.


I think there’s something in that box for everyone, and I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing the profound pain of losing a pet. Generic Messages and condolences don’t really help — this does. Most importantly,  I think Lyla would be happy about it  


– Adam Gurnee



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