You can lose a pet in several ways

You can lose a pet when your primary relationship changes. You may experience a break-up, a separation, or a divorce. In these situations, you or your ex may surrender your pet to a former partner, or you may share joint custody.

I have two groups in Chicago and Park Ridge, IL designed to help support people process the loss of a relationship that was important to them. I've noticed that when a relationship shifts or ends that there is often a pet loss issues to deal with as well.

For example, Steve recently attended one of my meetups. He was married for nearly 40 years and separated from his wife this past year. Their 14-year-old dog died soon after he moved out. His wife was unhappy with their separation and struggled with losing their dog.

He wanted to do something nice and buy her a Parting Tails gift box.

Taylor is a 25-year-old woman who gave her two cats away when she moved in with her boyfriend. He's now her ex-boyfriend. Taylor felt enormous guilt that she had chosen a boyfriend over her cats. Now, her cats and boyfriend were gone. Taylor used a Parting Tails gift box to honor your beloved cats who are no longer with her.

If you know someone who's relationship has changed and they're also dealing with the loss of a pet, give them a Parting Tails card and gift box to let them know you care.

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