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Zen and the Rescue Dog: Journeying with your Dog on the Path to Enlightenment, April 2019

When a Beloved Pet Leaves Us

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form. - Rumi


“Every beginning has an end. Enjoy the beginning and all the time with your adopted dog. Accepting that nothing is permanent, no matter how tightly we cling to it, is a step in the right direction. Your dog will make sure you are aware of how things change constantly and lead you to accept these changes, some tiny, some pretty big.

Sometimes, as with what happened to Alice, the rescue dog we had before Charlotte,  a fatal, unforeseen illness can come out of nowhere and knock the breath from you and really set you off course on the road to enlightenment. The sadness and grief that wash over you when your beloved pet dies is something that reaches into every part of your daily life. Like any grief over the death of a loved one, human, canine, feline, avian, etc., closure never really comes. We carry with us always the heavy hollowness left by the loss of the loved one.”


Zen and the Rescue Dog: Journeying with Your Dog on the Path to Enlightenment ©KJ Fallon, Foreword by Pico Iyer

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